The pioneer of silicone rubber products [Toho polymer Company LTD.]
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Toho Polymer
a new product
œSilicone rubber mouse pad
œLuminescent silicone rubber grip
œSilicone rubber nameplate
a product introduction
yContact rubber for electronic music instrumentz
yRubber switches with highly durable printingz
ySteam-proof gasketsz
yCamera partsz
yMedical applicationz
yKey less entry switch for automobilesz
yMiniature contact rubber for notebook P/Cisingle keyjz
yOptical transparent rubber switchesz
yContact rubber for automobile componentsz
yHighly durable rubber actuatorsz
yProduct with curved surface printingz
yHeat-resisting silicone rubber partsz
location map
Miniature contact rubber for notebook P/C
In recent years, there is a remarkable thing in the spread of notebook P/C.
The demands for the feeling of the touch from users have become various, and the makers also advertise their feature for users.
Moreover as for the durability of the touch, 10 million times has become common.
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