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Toho Polymer
a new product
œSilicone rubber mouse pad
œLuminescent silicone rubber grip
œSilicone rubber nameplate
a product introduction
yContact rubber for electronic music instrumentz
yRubber switches with highly durable printingz
ySteam-proof gasketsz
yCamera partsz
yMedical applicationz
yKey less entry switch for automobilesz
yMiniature contact rubber for notebook P/Cisingle keyjz
yOptical transparent rubber switchesz
yContact rubber for automobile componentsz
yHighly durable rubber actuatorsz
yProduct with curved surface printingz
yHeat-resisting silicone rubber partsz
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Contact rubber for electronic music instruments
Contact rubber is the main manufactured goods of our company it is assembled right under the keyboard of high-class electronic organ and electronic organ.
We always beat our competitors by the performance and the high quality it shows the height of our technology and quality level regarding the silicone rubber switch.
Our company has the following feature.
  1. we can design the shape of the rubber spring which makes peculiar feeling.
  2. Raw material development for high durability.
  3. Printing technique for the conductive contact point which guarantees stable electric current for years.
  4. By using 3D-CAD, we can design the mold which has the dimension, the load and feeling in minimum tolerance.
  5. Development of the injection machine, in order to produce the precise rubber spring for the keyed instrument.
  6. Market claim zero record has been renewed by our severe quality control system for over 36 years.
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