The pioneer of silicone rubber products [Toho polymer Company LTD.]
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Opportunities for permanent position
Toward the harmony between people and technology
In 1967 we embarked on developing and manufacturing silicone rubber products as the pioneer in the filed.
Ever since then, as our products have found their way into electronics, automobile, machinery, healthcare and household goods industries, we have achieved constant growth and made a contribution to industrial society.
Continuously we will keep moving ahead, expanding our business aggressively in domestic as well as international market.
œ@Position A .Development engineer at Gunma factory
B. Production engineer at Gunma factory
C. Sales representative at Tokyo head office
œ@Salary To be favorably provided according to company provisions
œ@Work hours

A B 8:00-17:05
C 9:00-18:00

œ@Holidays 5-day work system, summer holidays, year-end and new year holidays, paid holidays
œ@Benefits Annual pay raise, annual bonuses, complete social insurance, commutation and travel, expenses, retirement benefit system, further details to be discussed in an interview
œ@Application Please call for an appointment and visit with a resume(photo attached)
Toho Polymer Co., Ltd.
yHead officez
@603 3-28-7 Kandaogawamachi,Chiyoda-ku Tokyo, Japan
@Tel: +81-3-6273-7960 (Rep.)
@Fax: +81-3-6275-0915

yGunma Factoryz
@1533 Ashikado-machi, Takasaki-shi, Gunma-ken. 370-3531
@TEL 027-373-0009 FAX 027-373-1379
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