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Environmental Policy
Environmental Policy
ISO14001 Environmental Management System
We Toho Polymer recognize the importance of environmental safeguards, reduce the environmental impact, and we shall strive for environmental safeguards and establish genvironmental preservationh with all workers as below.
1. Resources saving, Energy saving, and Wastes reducing
Promotion of preventive activities against pollution
To attain this plan, we shall strive to reduce using the resources and the energies as far as by the sphere of our financial power.
Furthermore, we promote reduction of wastes, and also recycling system, and strive to reduce an environmental influence, and to prevent environmental pollution.
2.Pursuit of the production activity which considered environment.
Manufacturing of silicone rubber product which considered environment.
Construction of system and offer of information.
3.Observance of an environmental relation regulation etc.
We shall observe an environmental relation law and regulation which announced officially to our country, Gumma-machi.
Also, we shall promote the agreement with business connections persons and neighboring local resident.
4.Promoting continuous improvement of environmental preservation activity.
We shall set up the environmental purpose and target, and check it periodically.
Also we shall promote the continuous improvement by enforcement of the internal environment audit.
5.Establishment of educational campaigns and promotion organization.
At once carrying out a complete education of this environmental policy to all employees, we shall promote the establishment of environmental activity organization, the specification and the manufacturing manual etc.
Also we shall promote the education and the training to employees in order to make the plan about the effective and continuous improvement of this activity.
Every employee deepens the consciousness to an environmental problem, and an educational In addition, an environment concept and policy are released to external.
Basic Philosophy
We Toho Polymer recognizes as a special maker of a silicone rubber product that the preservation of earth environment is one of the most important common subject for human being, we shall aim at the company which minimizes an environmental impact in all the field of corporate activity.
By acquisition of ISO14001 Registration, promoting the struggling for an environmental problem positively, and all of us shall tackle by solidarity the construction of society which can be continuously improved.

April 1 2004
Toho Polymer Co., Ltd.
Representative Director & President@
Takakuwa Masao

Environmental Management Program
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