The pioneer of silicone rubber products [Toho polymer Company LTD.]
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We have gained acclaim as world-class pioneer in silicone rubber products in various fields.

We continue to develop and manufacture the silicone rubber product with high added value.
Silicone rubber has many distinct features, including heat resistance and durability, and its production volumes continue to show remarkable year-on-year growth.
This synthetic rubber with so many possible applications is in wide use n the electronics, and many other industries, including automobiles and home appliances.
Toho Polymer has ventured in many fields by applying our exceptional technological expertise, developing a keyboard switch and many other new kinds of silicone rubber products for various industries.
We are also making strides in the technical development of the backlight able translucent contact rubber and light-luminous contact rubber, as well as the key-top printing technology gZymark-Printing-systemh for which we hold patents countries.
We are always working to elicit the full potential of rubber products.
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