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Toho Polymer
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Presented in International Plastic Exhibition, September, 2005
Presented in CEATEC JAPAN, October, 2005
Homepage renewal, November 2005
a new product
œSilicone rubber mouse pad
œLuminescent silicone rubber grip
œSilicone rubber nameplate
a product introduction
yContact rubber for electronic music instrumentsz
yRubber switches with highly durable printingz
ySteam-proof gasketsz
yCamera partsz
yMedical applicationz
yKey less entry switch for automobilez
yMiniature contact rubber for notebook P/C(single key)z
yOptical transparent rubber switchesz
yContact rubber for automobile componentsz
yHighly durable rubber actuatorsz
yProduct with curved surface printingz
yHeat-resisting silicone rubber partsz
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Main Products
Rubber switches for electronic music instrument. Key less entry switch for automobiles Miniature contact rubber for notebook P/C

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ISO14001: 2015 Certification in January 2016
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